Must Watch Videos

Religulous: Humorous full length documentary movie by Bill Maher, as he takes the streets and debates with people from different religions. You will watch this one more than once, guaranteed.

Pagan Symbolism in ALL Major Religions: A 26min video clip about the undeniable similarities that exist between Jesus Christ and the gods of many other religions, as well as astronomy. This will shake your religious cage (if you have one), so buckle up before watching.

The God Delusion: Full length documentary with Richard Dawkins debating with people from different religions, exploring the dangers and contradictions of religion.

George Carlin – Religion is Bullshit: Hilarious 10min video clip delivered George Carlin style, putting the axe to the root of religion.

History of the Devil: A documentary explaining how the concept of “the Devil” was invented by man and how this concept has evolved through the millennia:

Ricky Gervais – The Bible: Ricky goes through the first few verses of Genesis in a humorous attempt to make sense of the Biblical account of Creation.

Bible Contradictions Quiz Show: A very witty demonstration of just how many contradictions there are in the Bible.

Noah’s Ark Pt1 & Pt2: A funny video clip showing just how impossible it was for the story of Noah’s ark to have ACTUALLY happened. (Click on the “Playlist” button to watch Pt2)

Noah’s Ark Pt2

The God Who Wasn’t There: Wade Wilson’s documentary about the countless contradictions in the Jesus story, the cruelness of the God of the Bible and how he left his faith behind to embrace a life of reason and logic.