Are you someone who is considering leaving the faith? Or perhaps someone who has already taken that terrifying leap? Then you have arrived at the right place…

leaving the faith

With the advancement of science, technology, reason and humanism, religion is starting to make less and less sense in our modern day world. Millions of people are leaving the faith every year to pursue a life governed by logic, rationality and skepticism. Religion is viewed by many as simply being the remnant of a search for purpose during the infancy of mankind’s intelligence.

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We explore Christianity’s roots, the history of the Bible, unanswered prayers, church, morality, Bible contradictions, creation and evolution and lots of other areas which we previously simply swept under the rug when we based our life’s decisions on faith, and not on evidence.

leaving the faith 2

Leaving something you’ve held so dear behind is often accompanied by a great deal of emotional turmoil and trauma, and quite often the side effects of this event lingers for a substantial period of time. Just like with substance abuse or any other obsessive infatuation, it’s healthy to talk about our former addictions, including religion. It helps us to make sense of how we managed to be trapped and enticed by it for so long. It sheds light on its continual demands and dangers. And most of all, by talking about it we get to learn how to identify its choke-hold on others and how we can help them. 

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